John Dorian

The easy-to-use JavaScript framework for those who only want to write HTML and CSS

What is John Dorian?

JD is an easy to use library not a framework made for those who would rather spend time writing beautiful HTML and CSS rather than trying to re-invent the wheel by putting some JavaScript together.

This means every component can be activated and controlled via some simple (and valid) HTML attributes. Focus on what you do best: making your pages look nice.

But wait! You can also use them via some regular JavaScript if you need (for example, if you load some of that HTML asynchronously).

Is it heavy?

Short answer? No, it's super lightweight!

First, each component can be used on its own, without having to load those you don't need. That way you control exactly what weight you add to your page.

Also, this library is designed to use recent (dare I say latest?) technologies only, aimed at evergreen browsers. That means there is no compatibility-only code. Everything is standard and clean.

So what does it do?

JD loves taking care of people's needs.

It can already create a clean and customizable text editor for you!

If you need to manage some tabs, there's also what you ned!

If you have any other component in mind, please send a request on GitHub, we'll add it as fast as possible.